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The certification process involves a few basic steps which are designed to be
comprehensive and efficient.

  1. Online Form Fill out the online form with your basic company information.

  2. Application - You will receive an application shortly thereafter
    asking for detailed information such as a raw ingredient listing and the production process at the facility. There is a $75
    application fee which should accompany the completed form.
    Outside Cleveland, a travel and initial
    inspection fee may apply.

  3. Review of Application - Cleveland Kosher will review the application and
    the company will be contacted by one of our Rabbinical Coordinators to
    arrange an initial inspection visit.

  4. Initial inspection - this visit helps us determine what steps are necessary in
    order to bring the company kosher. A thorough inspection of the total
    facility will take place during this visit.

  5. Staff Review All information is then reviewed by our Senior Rabbinical
    staff. The company will receive an assessment of what is necessary in
    order to bring the facility in compliance with kosher code.

  6. Agreement - A written agreement is drafted outlining the terms of the

  7. Letter of Certification Once the company signs the agreement and pays
    the applicable fees, a letter of certification is issued by Cleveland Kosher.
    This entitles the company to display the Cleveland Kosher symbol on their
    products and to advertise the products as kosher

  8. Plant visits Regular inspections of the company will be made by one of
    our Rabbinic Coordinators to monitor the kosher program at the plant.

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