Certification Process

Value Proposition


Why go kosher?

Consumers often consider a kosher symbol on a product to be a sign that the company is transparent, trustworthy, and consumer-oriented. Kosher certification is an ongoing process, with routine monitoring to ensure that kosher standards are upheld. Therefore, an establishment’s kosher status reflects an ongoing commitment to food safety, ethical food sourcing, and compliance.

Beyond the Jewish community, kosher symbols convey essential information to other religious adherents, vegetarians, and individuals with specific food intolerances who seek assurance that a product meets their needs.

What Does it Cost?


With a proper kosher certification program, your company will open its doorsto a $45 billion marketplace, making it a savvy investment in your marketing plan.

Certification costs reflect the time, effort, and knowledge necessary to bring an establishment to the highest kosher standards. Fees are based on the scope of work entailed

Get Certified


Ready to get started? Here’s your step-by-step guide to the Cleveland Kosher certification process:

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Contact Cleveland Kosher to obtain an application. Note that there is a $75 application fee.

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Complete the application as thoroughly as possible.

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Cleveland Kosher will schedule an initial inspection of your facility and operations.

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A comprehensive feasibility study will follow, detailing the procedures necessary to bring your facility to the highest kosher standards.

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A written agreement between your company and Cleveland Kosher outlining the terms of the certification will be negotiated.

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Additional visits to your facility by a rabbinical coordinator may be necessary, to assist you in completing the steps outlined in the agreement.

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After the agreement is signed and applicable fees are paid, Cleveland Kosher will issue an Annual Letter of Certification. This allows your company to display the Cleveland Kosher symbol on your products, facilities, and other relevant material as proof of your kosher status.

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A rabbinical coordinator from Cleveland Kosher will regularly visit the establishment to monitor and maintain kosher status. The frequency of these visits will be outlined in the agreement, and is dependent upon the individual needs of your facility.

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